Dancers Wanted!

What do we do?

Dance and develop the  style of “Vernacular Jazz” with influences and technique from Swing, Jazz, Modern Dance and Hip-Hop.

  • Stay authentic and real
  • Innovate while being inspired by vernacular roots
  • Focus on movement, rhythm and energy
  • Encourage nurturing team work
  • Perform on stage AND at club/cabaret setting
  • Explore the music of Jazz & Blues.

Who do we want?

  • Good movers with positive attitude
  • Experience  in either Lindy Hop, Contemporary, Hip Hop, Jazz, House, etc…
  • Intermediate level and above
  • Adaptive team players

Intersted? contact: (No auditions currently scheduled, we interview people on a personal basis)

See us dance:

Our goals: First and foremost to have fun and grow as dancers and artists. While we love being on stage, our performances are just an expression of our internal process, not a goal by itself.

How often we practice? Practice up to twice a week, schedule TBD, in the Mission.

Who are we? dancers in their 20′s and 30′s, some are trained and some are street, covering a range of backgrounds.

Where do we perform? in jazz and swing dance clubs, on-stage (local theaters, showcases, guest artists, etc..), site-specific shows, and occasional films/videoclips.

What does is it mean “Vernacular Jazz”? our style is a development of traditional vernacular Jazz with modern ideas of Contemporary Dance, Jazz, and others. With our roots in culture and community we aim to take flight and discover new ways of what dance means to us. Our cultural sources range from Charleston and Swing to Funk, House, and Afro-Latin dances.

Type of shows? we work on a variety of stories, ranging from “just dance”, to plot based numbers and more abstract imaginative pieces.

Choreography? We are a training-oriented company. We strive to showcase choreography that is based on trained and ingrained movements, emotional and physical understanding, and familiarity with vernacular styles, musicality and rhythms.

Our training covers team & ensemble work, style elements, movement variety and technique, musical phrasing and creative liberation. We look forward for members to contribute their own training topics to share with the company.

We strive to be creative and heart-felt and value diverse styles and ideas that work together towards a common goal. Open communication is key, and so is dealing positively with criticism and feedback.